Top & Couture - Pieces on 80s mainstream music   

Both piece are related to idioms of 80s radio mainstream. Emblematic sounds of the early digital revolution are interwoven into textures of contemporary music pieces. Commercialism is facing uniqueness. The two contrasting layers of meaning start commenting each other.

COUTURE (2014)

Composition for orchestra, solo synthesizers and vintage e-drums. It is the second composition in the series of pieces, preceded by "Top" for Dx7 and ensemble.
Synthesizers played in "Couture": Ob-Xa, DX7, Roland D-50, Roland Juno 106 & Simmons SDS-8.
Premier 15th nov 2014 by SWR Orchestra Stuttgart. Attacca Festival. Conductor: Ilan Volkov


TOP (2013)

for Yamaha dx7 synthesizer, sampler, e-drums and ensemble. 
Ultraschallfestivall Berlin 2013, Ensemble Interface, Conductor: Scott Voyles