Art is tool (2013)
Robotic sound installation, October 2013.  UdK, Berlin,
Loudspeakers, robotic arms.

Crosscut of two different reportages on topics that deal with addressing claims to art:

Leftmost speaker (with champagne glass) - about a symposium on the subject of
"how can art support economy?":

Quote: "Art can provide processes for the economy. And to incorporate these processes into the economical conditiones - that is the biggest profit art can provide for the economy."
"Which visions are capable of to delight my employees?"

Rightmost speaker (with wooden preparation) - reportage on the 7. Berlin Biennale with statements by curator
Artur Żmijewski.

Quote: "Art is tool. We can negotiate, become member of a party or a ngo, or - use art. As means to an end. 
If it is useful."
"The task of the art is to shape and intervene in political and social processes. So we cannot stay home and paint nice pictures."

Middle speaker: Unintelligible noises and language.